During a recent interview with Lipps Service’s host Scott Lipps, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has shared an untold story of when did he get his tattos.

He also praised  famous pop star Justin Bieber for his attractive tattoos.

Interviewer asked:

“Obviously you have a tattoo history, when did you get your tattoos?”

Roth responded:

“I started 1979 with a little seahorse. We decided to get seahorse in 1979, getting a tattoo that was a thing. So I got a little seahorse on my ankle and that was beginning. But I didn’t build, went in lowrider cultures call ‘la cultura his plaque oz badges’. You build a mural like, who’s got a really good…

Justin Bieber has a great one. He’s building -his tatoos-, you know, and it deservin so many memories, girlfriends, dates, places, this kind of things. I have no attention deficit at all never have. If you give me a paperback book like this, I just was sitting with Tony Bordain. I sat so long without on crossing my legs that they both went to sleep and I didn’t notice and I stood people think sometimes I’m catatonic.”

Roth’s comment transcriped by Youtube subtitles.

You can watch the entire interview below.