Van Halen singer David Lee Roth appeared onstage with the famous Dutchman, DJ Armin Van Buuren.

DJ Armin Van Buuren performed Van Halen’s iconic “Jump” and Roth accompanied him. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem so excited about David Lee Roth’s appearance.

Here is what Van Buuren said about their performance:

“I’m sure that a lot of the kids I’m gonna play for are probably not even familiar with the original and how big of a track it was when it was released.

Plus, it was an easy one to pick because I asked my crowd to jump, and the song has a deeper meaning, and I hope the kids get it when they hear the song when they start to invest some time in the history of the song.”

David Lee Roth chimed in:

“It’s visceral. It’s sort of like when your dog knows you’re drunk. In your gut, you know exactly what it’s about, and the song’s deeper meaning is being able to do something when you’re a little bit unsure.

You know you wanna do it, but that’s the reason we teach our kids ballet lessons, music lessons. We have them get into doing dog shows and 4-H Clubs, so you can do pretty good even though you’re kind of scared.”

You can watch the entire show below:

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