The legendary frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth amazed his fans with a brand new illustration he posted on Twitter drawing attention to the possible bad intentions of the governments on creating the vaccine for coronavirus.

As you may know, along with his praiseworthy music career, David Lee Roth has been working on his artworks which he uses as a tool to criticize the social and political issues happening around the world. David often takes his Twitter account to display the new pieces of his illustrations with the fans which portray different stories from his imagination.

Recently, Van Halen icon posted a photo of his latest illustration on his official Twitter account. In his new piece of art, David portrayed a war-like environment with modified tanks. Within the illustration, Roth mentioned the ‘vaccine’ which resembles nothing we had seen before which might be indicated as a reference to the vaccine for coronavirus.

Furthermore, David claimed that this vaccine was ‘dangerous and bad intentioned‘ as much as the virus itself. He suggested that we had to think about what we were going to do with the vaccine instead of worrying about what it was going to do to us. Roth also made a reference to an upcoming holiday, Halloween, by adding ‘trick or treat’ on the bottom of his illustration.

Here’s what David Lee Roth wrote on his recent illustration:

“It was a vaccine-like no other

A vaccine every bit

As dangerous and

Bad intentioned

As the virus itself.

It was time to stop worrying about what it was gonna do to us

And start thinking about what

We were gonna do to it…

Trick or treat.”

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on his Twitter account.