Van Halen icon David Lee Roth released the latest episode of The Roth Show on his official YouTube account and revealed his real thoughts on hunting passion of Ted Nugent.

Here is his statement (transcribed by Metalhead Zone):

“When we get confused in terms of the pot, I don’t think it’s fair what’s going on one hand recreationally and the other we get a supposition that’s just not right at what point did this all become about self-improvement and perspective and enhancing my vision. You’ve heard me say… The only trouble with being a saint is having to live with one.

So I just saw a great conversation of Joe Rogan and Ted Nugent. Ted who is reaching for ultimate somehow connected to the great outdoors or becoming part of… I understand that it’s the everywhere spirit. American, Indian, First Nation understands this.

His ascendancy is based on purity. He’s not getting iced not getting loaded. He’s one within a very primitive kind of a state. He’s actually hunting his own food.”

You can watch the whole episode below:

Back in November 2018,  Ted Nugent spoke in an interview with Pure Grain Audio and mentioned about his lifestyle.

Nugent said that ‘I kill my own food, I plant my own crops, I change my own oil, I plant my own trees, and I cut my own firewood.’

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