The current frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth shared a new story on one of his latest The Roth Show, and he revealed some of his fan’s bizarre requests from Van Halen.

As you will read his statements below, David Lee Roth said that one of their fans wanted the band to play “Hot For Teacher” to send their condolences to him.

You can read the story right below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“People have picked up this music and they take it to a religious sort of fervor. I know people who have gotten married and decided to have families with this music.

I know people listening to this music who decided to join the marines. I know some people who are big fans of this music and joined the Marines and didn’t come back.

I know a guy who has requested that we played ‘Hot For Teacher’ as they lower the box. Literally, it’s in print.”

He continued:

“You’ve got to take that seriously. When I walk by, small children stop crying, young house pets inexplicably obey your every command, women feel desirable, and all men see me as a brother. That’s the result of the music. That’s Friday, that’s not even Saturday. Saturday is the dance contest.”

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