Van Halen’s well-known current frontman, David Lee Roth shared the latest The New Roth Show named, “#22b: The original point and click interface.” and shared a new update on his tough decision about having a gun.

David Lee Roth stated that every human being is naturally now how to handle and use a gun.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“I just said to myself I’m gonna learn to shoot and most importantly neutralize everything that comes in black. This is in partial black, it is clearly a laser pistol it is meant for nothing more than some kind of target practice and/or gun handling.

Gun handling is not the same as marksmanship. Marksmanship is hitting a specific target and everything that goes into that. Gun handling is I just bring the gun to where you’re shooting it how are you taking it off you carry it in a pocket a holster the back of a Jeep the back of a car did you bring an Uzi in a cooler…

I don’t think I’m fucking around yeah I know you’re out there you that’s right homie. Do you even know to keep your finger off the trigger and not. Everybody knows that, all adult males have to completely, specifically, genetically built in DNA traits the first being after the age of 10, we’re capable of operating any motor vehicle at complex speeds.”

You can watch the whole show below.