The legendary frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth posted his latest The Roth Show, “#VW Bus With a Bustle Rack” on his official YouTube channel and revealed his sponsored product: INK 50.

Here is the explanation of the product:

“The Roth Show is brought to you by INK the original — the first full line of products to brighten and protect your ink.

Click below to try it today, and use the Promo Code to SAVE 15%. Promo Code DLR15 #therothshow #davidLeeRoth”

David Lee Roth promoted the product with a Lil Wayne reference and said:

“This is like the blue jean jacket from Levi’s. Remember when the blue jean jacket and blue jeans first came out they were totally utilitarian.

They were made for the working man and the guy who works with his hands’. Ladies, then you got a hold of the blue jean jacket and we all know what happens then – sexy baby but not for this commercial.

Mm-hmm same thing with blue jeans and that’s why we designed this like this. I don’t care if you’re Lil Wayne or Lil Wayne’s girlfriend and you’re wearing the pants down, here see how that looks good in the pocket.”

You can watch the whole show below.