Van Halen’s iconic frontman, David Lee Roth, spoke in a recent interview with Las Vegas Magazine and talked about his experience with KISS.

As you might already know, Van Halen legend David Lee Roth is rocking the stages during the End of the Road World Tour of KISS these days, and lots of reviewers are spreading great words about his performance.

In the recent interview with Las Vegas Magazine, David Lee Roth made a sincere statement about what it has been like opening for KISS on the Winter/Spring 2020 leg of their ‘End Of The Road’ farewell tour.

He also praised KISS and claimed that KISS is one of the original Cirque du Soleillevel rock bands.

Here’s the statement of David:

 “I have a band that is beyond stellar and we’re capable of playing everything from the local millionaire’s birthday party to the Super Bowl. I can play Willie‘s [NelsonFarm Aid and I can play Las Vegas and I can open for KISS, which in itself is an audience that arrives with expectations.

KISS is one of the original Cirque du Soleil-level rock bands. It starts with the music but escalates into millions of dollars worth of bang for your buck that moves from city to city. [Opening for them] requires reading the audience and taking a chance.

If all you do when you arrive in Las Vegas is simply play your concert set from the local arenas, that’s not what we came to Las Vegas for. We want more. There are plenty of casinos [around the country] to go play in, but you earn your way into Vegas right now.”

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