Van Halen’s legendary frontman, David Lee Roth was recently interviewed by Rock 100.5 – WNNX-FM and revealed how he’s preparing for his upcoming Las Vegas tour.

As you will read his words below, Van Halen legend called Mick Jagger, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Bruna Mars as constant singers.

Here is what he said, transcribed by Blabber Mouth:

“I started getting ready for this show four months from now last October. You start to prepare yourself. You become a constant singer, whether you’re Mick Jagger… Who else has a great voice that’s new?

Adam Lambert, singing with Queen. Constant singer. When he’s not with the band, he’s out on his own. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars — constant singers. We are like boxers. Our whole body is what accounts for the effect.

I’m not saying you spend any less time perfecting your instrument on a guitar or piano, but I am saying that it is relatively easier to play that instrument with a hangover.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.

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