The legendary frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth released the latest episode of his  The Roth Show and revealed a bizarre story of having a conversation with a dog.

Here is what David Lee Roth (transcribed by MetalHead Zone):

“I got Rust from a farm up near Fresno. The farmer who sold him to me says, looks at me you can tell he thinks he’s a lot smarter than me because I’m a musician. Probably thinks he’s a little bit smarter than he actually is…

He says going back dogs tied the back, you want the dogs 2.00 bucks… I walked in them back I saw the dogs, there is Russ. I go ‘Hey boy!’

Dog looks up to me and goes, “Hey I know you! I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking the same thing. A thousand bucks for a fucking talking dog.”

The dog looks at me and says I’m a national champion. I’ve won three Nationals. Fucking buy me down! Better believe it…”

Roth also shared the lyrics of the song he wrote for his dog, Russ:

“Your hairy little face.
No-one plays ball like you.
Let’s just sit here forever.
Let’s just sit here forever some more.
The mysterious noise.”

You can watch the whole show below: