Van Halen’s iconic frontman and a famous vocalist David Lee Roth shared his new YouTube podcast, The New Roth Show: #17a Otisha’s Shape Shop.

Roth reveals the times that he was sexually inappropriate with an entire generation.

Here is what he said (Transcribed by Metalhead Zone):

“First time I remember this cognitively was around Louisville Kentucky July August 1977. Being healing had finally hit the road and we were on a tour bus everybody piled on 13 people on one tour bus.

It was glorious it was laughed to win we had pirates miles and we were going to entertain the world and sleep with the rest. And we did! I want to warn you in advance full disclosure I was sexually inappropriate with an entire generation but they paid me to do it and asked me to come back fellas advice this is real martial arts advice.

You can tell I’ve been here a while it’s not who you love and up it’s who wants to love you up again take it from me, baby. I’ve gone from high cut out day to high cholesterol right here on the Roth Show.”

You can watch the latest episode right below.