Frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth has shared the new episode of The Roth show on Youtube.

He revealed the untold story of his sexual intimacy with an interviewer in Vegas. Here’s the story:

“The time we were at The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. We were standing in front waiting for the helicopter to arrive. And a young lady comes walking by she’s got my hair cutter, I have her hair cut, and we’re interviewing people just scattered great looking gal.

So I danced up to her, and I said oh my got I think I just borrowed your haircut. We interviewed her for 14 seconds and she got called away. I knew her for 14 seconds and I knew right away in my mind unconsciously subconsciously and right up front in the medulla oblongata that if she came up to me.

And asked me in that adorable accent she said ‘David Lee I want a French kiss you, and I’m gonna warn you in advance.’ There’s gonna be some spit involved. I would not have thought fuck a second…”

You can watch the entire episode of The Roth show below.