Since he’s touring with KISS nowadays, David Lee Roth is being criticized by the fans about his voice. The opening musician of the KISS tour had a recent interview with Star Tribune and responded to those harsh criticism.

As David Lee Roth seems very confident about his voice, he also praised Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert with beautiful words while calling Biz Markie’s ‘Just A Friend’ as the best vocal in the last 20 years.

Here is what David Lee told:

“I’ve never had any delusions about my voice. It sounds like four miles of flat road with knobby tires. Mom used to say that; in fact, she said it last week.

However, some people’s definition of perfect vocals might be pristine and pretty like Adam Lambert.

My definition of absolutely the best vocal in the last 20 years is: ‘Girl, you got what I need! And you say he’s just a friend.'”

He continued:

“Van Halen was like a sea anemone: It’s born looking exactly the same way it does as it passes into the hereafter.

If you listen to tracks from our club days in 1973, Van Halen, once I joined the band, sounded exactly like we did the first day together at Ed’s mom’s house as we did on the first record as we did on ‘Jump.”

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