Van Halen’s legendary frontman David Lee Roth was recently interviewed by Scott Lipps’ well-known YouTube podcast, Lipp Service.

Van Halen legend shared the story of how he’s influenced to marijuana with Grammy Award-winning comedy duo, Cheech and Chong.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“What is a current in terms of recreational, for me, sure, was recreational early on. I started off with Cheech and Chong. Now, here’s a little sidebar. When I did some med training paramedic stuff. I went out at school, tactical school with two game wardens from Alaska – guy and a gal.

We had dozens of dinners together because we were out in barracks together for two and a half weeks or whatever the hell it was. They had the same story I did and I’ll tell it in my own way but it’s the same story. They grew up out on the ice, out in the rivers and everything. I said:

“Man, my best years of my early time is in Indiana chasing or getting chased.” Where’s that..”

He continued:

“Catch a chicken, catch a chicken. Yeah, I said that I grew up chasing the wolves, the birds now that I’m older, I protect them.”

Scott Lipps:

“I love it, a lot of people don’t know that you were an EMT.

Roth answered:

“No, no I protect em’, for whatever value that could be. The same goes for the pot world. There is a lot going on with it that’s really a difficult vibe. So when you say that I put out a brand. Well for starters, I smoke pot not for any recreational value whatsoever. If you wanna do recreation, let’s do some bourbon whiskey, scotch, a little ice and some loud African-American music.”

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