Van Halen’s iconic frontman and one of the most sympathetic musicians of all time, David Lee Roth uploaded the latest episode of his well-known podcast, The New Roth Show on his YouTube channel.

As you will read below, Roth made a really bold statement as usual by saying that he hates everything.

Here is what Roth said, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“I’m an equal-opportunity antagonist. Everybody pisses me off. I hate everything, and I have nothing good to say about anything that I see on TV. Unless it’s a picture of you or a selfie that you sent.

You know what I’m saying I’m just old enough to say it and you’re not. But now Tom says once I’ve said that I hate everything in everybody and pissed off by virtually everything my average day ranges from pissed off to not too pissed off, Tom says I’m a little easier to get along with, and somehow I have a brighter in view.

What do you think Tom? Is this I agree with all that? Okay.”

You can watch the whole podcast below.