Van Halen icon David Lee Roth released the new episode of The New Roth Show on his YouTube channel and revealed an untold motorcycle accident with his Harley Davidson.

Here is the story (Transcribed by Alternative Nation):

“And here’s one of the inside stories that I rarely tell, I tell it from the inside because I want to set the scene. I got Dottie the body who now we’re now starting a caravan because you gotta go so slow that the cars start to queue up around you.

However, if you are looking good they don’t care. Sort of like when I drive my 51 Mercury and I take four minutes to get around the corner – nobody complains, and with Dottie the body in the car you could take like, twelve minutes to get around the corner and everybody is going:

“Slower, slower” because they are fishing for their smartphone cameras. We are coming on the bike, low and slow and everybody starts to back up.”

And here is where Dave starts to imitate Harley Davidson’s engine.

You can watch the whole show below (Around 04.41):

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