During one of the recent episodes of The Roth Show, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth mentioned the feeling that he gets when he was singing at Madison Square Garden.

He also shared a heartbreaking story about a poor kid who has a really bad cancer and said that:

“I’m gonna tell you a feeling… Have you ever made a meal for a kid? Yeah. And you know the feeling you get? Okay. That’s the feeling I get when I’m on stage.

Have you ever made a meal for ten people when staying out for camping? Okay… When they’re really having a good time with it, and you stand back and you’re wiping your hands off… That feeling is the feeling that I get when I’m at Madison Square Garden.

The only time that I really got that feeling was when I saw a little cancer kid at the hospital, and he was in there for his fourth surgery. And his parents and everybody were freaking out, and he looked at me, and he went like this -shows how cancer kid looked at him- because I didn’t have any bandages.

You can listen to the entire story below.

A week ago, David Lee Roth shared a funny story about the Moonwalk dance class he attended years ago. He said:

“That class is going to have three-hundred people. It’s gonna be about this much room and there is going to be about nineteen languages in there, it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. There’s gonna be nineteen languages and there’s gonna be three girls, no wait minute thirteen girls in one hotel room at one hotel room at the Tropicana who is used to this shit.

There is also somebody at the front desk speaks fluent Korean, okay? We don’t have anybody who speaks Uzbek but we do have somebody from, according to my map right next door, do you speak Turkish?”

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