A special guest of KISS’ ‘End Of The Road’ tour and vocalist of Van Halen, David Lee Roth, spoke in the recent interview with Las Vegas Magazine and revealed his interesting observation about the injury rate of his job, being a rockstar.

In the conversation, David explained how the experience of touring changed his life and stated that his job is so similar National Football League and the rate of getting injured is %100. Also, he mentioned that everybody is sacrificing their health to earn and protect their spot.

Las Vegas Magazine asked:

“How has the experience of touring and performing live changed for you?”

David Lee Roth replied:

“I’ve come to value it eminently. That’s a space like a boxing ring. How many people have literally sacrificed their health to get to it, and then again to stay with it, whether it’s a theater, an opera stage, a ballet floor? There’s so much great talent and ambition and energy out there now, so much more than when I started.”

David Lee Roth added:

“I value that effort and I value that which I have more than I ever have before. The injury rate for my job is like the NFL—100 percent.

But I’m looking at 40 summers and a full house. Are you kidding me? We’re going to play to half a million people by Hanukkah.”

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