Van Halen’s legendary former frontman David Lee Roth has shared yet another bizarre pose of himself about the tour of KISS called ‘End Of The Road’ via his official Twitter account.

In December 2019, KISS has made a surprising statement about their tour called ‘End Of The Road’ via all social media accounts. They have announced that ‘David Lee Roth will be on the opening stage with KISS on the next leg of the band’s upcoming tour.’

Today, David Lee Roth has posted a new photo from the backstage of his performance with KISS via his Twitter account, and he was smoking a cigarette with a glass of whiskey in the backside of the concert.

Here’s what he captioned:

“#DavidLeeRoth #DiamondDave #DLR #EndOfTheRoad


After he shared this photo, the fans of him have started to write comments about this photo and they liked the smoking style of him.

A fan named Lauria commented:

“Smokin’ !!”

Another fan named Slimster wrote this:

“The world is so much better with Dave back in true form!”

You can see the photo of him right below.