Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth showed off his newly-known talent by sharing a picture on Twitter and explained why he is confused during the coronavirus outbreak.

As you might already know, David Lee released a new comic strip, named ‘The Soggy Bottom,’ on Twitter and has been sharing a lot of episodes of this strip to show off how talented a person he is.

Recently, David shared another episode of this comic strip, but this time, he explained how confusing the coronavirus news is. He wrote that there are lots of different pieces of information that contradict themselves, and he doesn’t understand which one is true.

However, it seems like David doesn’t care about which one he should listen to, because he is just looking for the news which has ‘hot chicks.’

Here is the caption of the comic strip that David wrote:

“One channel says to stay at home, the other channel says go out… The first channel says the other channel is crazy… Which news is the one with the hot chicks?”

A fan named Evelynn replied:

“Oh baby, don’t you know yet that all the hot chicks are on your social media?”

Another fan named Pete replied:

“The answer is Fox news, David…”

You can check out the post below.