As you might already know, Van Halen legend David Lee Roth is rocking the stages during the End of the Road World Tour of KISS these days, and lots of reviewers are spreading great words about his performance.

This week, legendary guitar player Steve Vai posted a couple of new tweets on his verified account and praised David Lee Roth due to his extraordinary performance.

As you might check out his statements below, Steve claimed that David Lee is delivering like a boss.

Here is what he wrote:

“I first saw KISS when I was perhaps 14 years old at the Calderone Concert Hall on Long Island. When ‘Kiss Alive’ came out in 1975 it was as if the gods of rock and roll theatrical entertainment manifested them from our wanting imaginations. We were all gobsmacked.

It’s interesting to imagine what life would have been like without certain artists being born. Imagine your world without Queen or Jimi Hendrix, or Led Zeppelin, etc. Those are a few that hit the mark for me, but KISS!!!

They owned a particular space in the pantheons of rock. I know my life would have had a lot less color in it without them. And they delivered spectacularly. It was the most over the top, sensational rock show I’ve seen. After so many years, they still deliver in the most authentic of ways.”

He continued:

“Sometimes these early audience videos of the first few shows of a tour can be unfair and when those first few came out of Dave’s Vegas shows, I knew it was unfortunate, but I also knew he could sing better than that, and this was obvious to us at last nights show. He delivered like a boss and the audience loved it. So glad I decided to go out.”

You can check out his tweets below.