Van Halen’s legendary frontman David Lee Roth has shared a new picture on his verified Twitter account and revealed his little-known talent during the self-quarantine days.

On Twitter, David Lee Roth shared a new part of his comic series called ‘The Daily Catastrophe’ and wrote on it a little quote to show his purpose, ‘Laugh To Win.’ With this artwork, David Lee flashed off his little-known talent and stunned his fans by showing how talented he is.

He didn’t write anything with this tweet but his followers wrote many comments about his secret talent.

A fan named The Mojo Do wrote this:

“Put a book out with all of your illustrations! Stellar art. Keep it up, dude! How much for an original.”

Another fan named Cathy Flynn asked a question:

“Luv’n it, David Lee!

Who did the artwork? (what is the significance of frogs? toads?)”

You can see the picture of him right below.