Van Halen’s legendary frontman and iconic musician David Lee Roth uploaded his new YouTube podcast, The New Roth Show: #16C Timing is Everything.

David Lee Roth talked about mistiming the buzzing, the times that you can not be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.

Here is what he said (Transcribed by Metalhead Zone):

“How many times have you heard about somebody missed timing their pill and they fell asleep before the main act went on?

Or is like dude I saved my last joint, the last can of beer or whatever it is man the last candy bar, we saved the whole bucket of ice cream for the last part of the movie and then we decided to fuck it! We’re just gonna eat the ice cream now we fell asleep before the car chase. I have whole parts of my career that are like that okay.

And mistiming your buzz or cultivating your buzz which is something we certainly encourage here on the Roth Show. We’re very realistic kids don’t drink and drive but if you do use fountain Avenue. I actually got kicked off of a radio station for thinking that that was public service but I’m being very real man keeping it real right here on The Roth Show.”

You can watch the whole podcast below.