During a recent interview with Vogue Mag, Van Halen star David Lee Roth has revealed how his fortune have been taken away from him by Warner Bros.

Roth tells the story:

“I don’t know if it’s fun. It’s challenge. It’s chasing. It’s trying out. Most of the things I’ve done, ounce for ounce, weren’t fun at the moment. They’re really fun in the retelling, and let’s face it: We do things sometimes just for the story.

Fuck it—I’m going for the summit. I gotta have the story. As guys, we rarely admit that. So when we talk about ‘fun’—fun’s for kids.And I’ll tell you something else. Up until 18 months ago, I was making pennies in royalty on a $20 Van Halen record.”

Interviewer said ‘What does that mean?’, Roth responded:

“It means I got butchered 40 years ago. I made over a billion dollars for Warner Bros. I watched my whole fortune walk off into another man’s pocket.

However far we get with [Laugh to Win] , I did it as a free man. I spent my own money. I built the team. This is my shot. This is the second half of the Super Bowl. And whatever happens? I’m a free motherfucker!”

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