Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared his latest The New Roth Show on his YouTube account and revealed an untold story about how he was once fired from the concert because of making an offensive joke about Michael Jackson.

Here is his statement (Transcribed by Alternative Nation):

“I’ve been thinkin’ about, where would we drive, where would we go, to do a different kind of show? I’m thinking Las Vegas. I’ve played everywhere on Earth, I’ve played virtually every place, I’ve even played Las Vegas but I played it right before it became hip, skinny and young in its vibe. You don’t have to be young and skinny to have a young and skinny vibe. We’ll call it – beginner’s mind. All right? Always have that. It makes you feel young and skinny, it doesn’t matter what you’re built like.

You can get in the front of the line of the Detroit whatever – beginners mind. That’s what Vegas kind of turned into but just as it was turning I had to put together a big band, a bunch of folks, a great band, great folks, etc. However, my humor as you may have discerned is a bit larcenist and it was kind of in that transition when it was going, family.

Here is how he got fired:

“You know, the built the pyramid, they had Circus Circus and it was very much for the family. I got fired, this was about twenty Summers ago, twenty Summers ago and this was at the MGM Grand for one specific joke:

I turned and said “look at these girls” we had some great dancing mambo mamacitas up there and I said “Look at our girls ladies and gentlemen, hot enough to make Michael Jackson quit the boy scouts.

You can watch the whole show below:

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