Frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth spoke in the recent episode of his podcast show, The Roth Show, on Youtube.

He talked about California beach culture, and revealed how Snopp Dogg and Dr. Dre affected that culture. Here’s the statement:

“Everything I’m talking about here is part of California beach culture. You just might not have been aware, it’s like picking up the hood. Whoa, what kind of engine is that… Well, I kind of pieced it together from a lot of different parts.

Van Halen music is the same thing, it’s an amalgam which I always thought was spelled backwards on purpose, but I never bothered to check. Yo bananaboy, is actually spelled the same way backwards. Don’t bother your check. Yo banana boy pay attention!

Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre… You might not think of them as components of California summertime culture, but absolutely they’re right up there near the front bumper you couldn’t possible be more part of what happens.

When June comes around and school gets out, then that kind of a drift, that kind of tempo, that kind of spirit, because that’s very much a part of climate…”

Watch entire podcast below.