Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared the recent episode of The Roth Show and had a conversation with their engineer and director of digital affairs Tom Swarovski.

Roth reveals his thoughts on Michael Jackson‘s pedophille accusations and R.Kelly’s recent sexual abuse charges.

Here is his statement:

“Alright, that’s interesting that you would drink it yet you distance yourself from it. I’m desperately trying to be insensitive, how am I doing? I drink scotch, I’m a scotch man.

I enjoy Macallan, used to be twelve, I’ve moved to the eighteen so that in case there is a selfie you see an eighteen on the label. We live in R Kelly times.

Too soon? No, never? But just in case there’s like no clues because as soon as you hear this stuff about the Michael Jackson’s, the Kelly’s and it’s ad infinitum, which is Latin for, like ‘endless’, you’re going to go back and look for clues.

You hear stuff about, you know what, you know what that guy used to eat for breakfast? You’re kidding! Now you’re gonna watch every video that individual made looking for clues. They’re right there.”

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