Today, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has posted a new photo with his son, Aaron Hagar, on his Instagram account and compared himself to his son in the caption area.

As you can see below, Sammy paid attention to Aaron’s new beard which exactly looks like Sammy’s beard. In the comment section, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony wrote two comments to share his reaction to the photo.

On the other hand, a fan named Elper took the comment section and said that David Lee Roth is the greatest of all time. Sammy has reacted to the fan’s comment in a really simple way. Check out the conversation below.

Sammy wrote in the caption area:

“Like father like son! I don’t think so ha. #hangingwithmyboy”

Michael Anthony commented:

“Now that is a beard! Hahahahaha!”

An Instagram user named Jackson asked Sammy:

“Did your son inherit that awesome singing voice?”

Sammy responded:


Another fan named Elper said:

“David Lee Roth is the G.O.A.T!”

Sammy has responded to Elper’s comment with just two emojis but didn’t write anything over the claim.

Check out the Instagram post below.