Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler spoke in a recent interview with United Rock Nations, and revealed a major fact that makes him shock about Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page.

He described Jimmy Page as ‘magician’, and said:

“If I could do what Jimmy Page does… but he’s a magician. He’s the producer as well. It’s incredible that Jimmy Page produced all the Zeppelin albums. I can’t think of another major artist who produced all their own albums.

Usually they bring in a producer, especially as they become successful because they can now afford a producer.

Or sometimes the label won’t even trust you to do it yourself, but Page produced all Zeppelin albums, and they did a fantastic job. People still strive to sound like Led Zeppelin.”

He also said that Led Zeppelin II was the first album that he ever bought with this statement:

“I loved it. I still love it now, it’s a great album, it’s got some brilliant songs on it.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.

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