The iconic founding member of Anthrax, Scott Ian, posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter account today and harshly slammed Grammy Awards.

As Scott calls himself as a ‘Grandpa Metal,‘ he indicated that Grammy’s is an ‘industry bullshit’ at all by sending a couple of brutal tweets.

Here is what he said first:

“Rock/Metal don’t need the Grammys. We thrive without any of this false praise and industry bullshit. Grandpa Metal has spoken.”

Later on, he added yet another tweet to support his ideas by claiming that they have to tribute Prince every day of the week.

Here is his second tweet:

“It took the Grammys four years to do a Prince tribute? Grandpa Metal hasn’t watched since Prince died.

Have they done this before? Grandpa Metal thinks there should be a Prince tribute every day.”

A user named Denise Koehne commented on Scott’s post:

“That was an awful Prince tribute. Usher needs to stick to Michael Jackson and leave Prince to someone else (I just don’t know who)”

Check out both tweets of Scott right below.