The late Soundgarden legend Vicky Cornell’s widow who is also a philanthropist and co-founder of Chris & Vicky Foundation, Vicky Cornell, was the latest interview guest of The Rizzuto show and announced that the unlistened tracks of Chris would be released soon.

Chris Cornell was one of the most iconic figures of the music industry since the ’90s and he was mostly known as the talented lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Unfortunately, Chris was found dead in his hotel room in 2017, and his death was ruled by hanging. However, his death is still being investigated by many people in the United States.

After Chirs Cornell’s latest album named ‘No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol.1,‘ was released in honor of his 56th birthday, every single Chris fan wants to hear something new from the Soundgarden legend. According to Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky, the new album of Chris has been mastered already and would be released anytime soon.

Vicky Cornell said these about the upcoming songs of Chris:

“There is a volume two. The thing with this volume one, though, that makes it special is that he mastered it, he sequenced it — this is all Chris from beginning to end. And the other one was mastered, not sequenced, volume two.

And then, because he was just such a prolific writer, we’re blessed, because he has left us lots of music. Not in completely finished form, but there’s enough to work with, and the Cornell stamp is all over it. So that’s really special. So there’s a lot of music.”

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