In a recent conversation with Twitter users, Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky has shared new statements about her husband’s death.

She said that ‘depression did not kill my husband’ and revealed the real cause of her husband’s death. Here’re the tweets:

“Depression is not being ignored but depression did not kill my husband. I will advocate on what the cause of death is and depression is not the cause.

Everyone who dms me and asks why I’m not on Twitter anymore this is why. But I will respond- I thought Chris WAS an addict but this is a lifelong chronic illness I didn’t recognize the signs of relapse. I will live with that forever and make it my mission no one else has to.

I feel down everyday . And every day is hard . But I find a reason – my kids and my husband and I keep going . There is no shame to having depression. But addiction is also a mental health issue, a disease of the brain”

She also reacted to being slammed by haters, and wrote:

“After my husband took his life I was slammed by the very people claiming to be advocates. Please think what I have been thru and what our children + family have been through Kristoff St. John’s death calls attention to risks facing suicide loss survivors.

I’m so sorry and so saddened. My prayers and love to the family. It is gut wrenching pain to lose a loved one like this….. I have no words …”

Click here to source of the statements. (Alternative Nation)