Youtuber Vermilion has made Metallica’s darkest 10 metal riffs as a list. You can watch the video from footage below.

Youtuber commented:

My own top 10 Metallica DARKEST riffs. Of course I know it’s hard to do something like that because Metallica has a ton of great riffs. Heavy, groovy, fast, thrash, metal riffs and etc. But it was always interesting for me about something darkest, scary, sacral, gloomy, macabre guitar riffs. So this is my own list (IMHO) and I’ll be very happy if you’ll like and enjoy that.”

Here’s the list:

10. The Thing That Should Not Be
9. Of Wolf And Man
8. Eye Of The Beholder
7. The Call of Ktulu
6. Leper Messiah
5. Harvester of Sorrow
4. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
3. The God That Failed
2. Where The Wild Things Are
1. Dream No More

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