Loudwire has shared an very interesting video list on their Youtube channel. The video shows 10 gratest metal songs that never played live.

Loudwire stated:

“As metal albums become classics over time, it’s rare that every single song on the record isn’t performed live at some point. With years and even decades having passed since these albums changed the metal landscape, there have been outliers we were shocked to learn had never seen a live audience.”

Here’s the list:

10. SOAD – Nuguns
9. Pig Destroyer – Towering Flesh
8. Metallica – Fixxxer
7. Avenged Sevenfold – Victim
6. Gojira – Wolf Down the Earth
5. Judas Priest – One Shot at Glory
4. Black Sabbath – The Writ
3. Pantera – Regular People
2. Iron Maiden – Back in the Village
1. Meshuggah – I