Mötley Crüe legend Vince Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah, has shared a new video on her official Instagram account and showed her workout during the self-quarantine days, but there was no sign of Vince in the video.

As you might remember, Mötley Crüe decided to do a new tour named ‘The Stadium Tour’ in December 2019 after the success of the biographical film of the band, The Dirt, and this tour will start in June 2020.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the tour. The band members gained so much weight after their latest meeting. To solve this problem, Allen Kovac, who is the manager of the band, set a strict diet and heavy training for getting the members in shape for the tour.

For a while, we have seeing Rain Hannah and Vince Neil together during the workout in the self-quarantine, and Vince showed how much he is working hard to lose weight and look better for the audience.

However, Vince didn’t appear in the latest video of Rain and seemed like she was working out by herself. After seeing this, the fans are curious to know if Vince quitted to workout or not.

Furthermore, the fans of Mötley Crüe was surprised and disappointed for not seeing Vince in the video because he should have continued the cardio sessions.

You can check out the video below.