There’s no denying that late Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington was one of the greatest rock vocalists of his generation according to countless fans and many respectable music critics. Throughout his extraordinary music career that spanned over 25 years, ‘In The End’ singer has collaborated with numerous successful artists including Z-Trip, Alice In Chains, Kings of Chaos, Slash, and many more.

There was one special time when the Linkin Park icon made a duet with one of the greatest metal bands in music history for charity. That band is no other than Mötley Crüe and they teamed up with Bennington for their track, ‘Home Sweet Home’ back in 2005 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Lead singer Vince Neil and Chester Bennington performed the charity single and we’re here today to bring the details about this on-stage duel to see the intimate winner of this unexpected duet.

Chester Bennington Performed With Mötley Crüe For A Hurricane Katrina Charity

As some of you might know, ‘Home Sweet Home‘ was first released on Mötley Crüe’s third studio album, ‘Theatre of Pain’ on September 30, 1985. The original release of the track was successful as it found itself a place on the Billboard Hot 100, and the 1991 version of the song peaked at number 37 on the same chart in 1992.

While the song has been recorded as a cover version by numerous artists such as country singer Carrie Underwood who released her version as a single in 2009, it was also re-recorded with Chester Bennington on co-lead vocals back in the fall of 2005.

The track was recorded for charity purposes following the huge Hurricane Katrina that caused over 1,800 deaths and $125 billion in damage, especially in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas in late August 2005. The music video of the songs also shows footage of Katrina rescues as well as a performance from the band including Bennington.

During an interview at the time the collaboration was released, the Linkin Park singer expressed what a great opportunity it was to perform with Mötley Crüe members, particularly for such an important cause like this. Furthermore, the rocker stated that all five of them felt like they were doing something important while recording the track as its theme fitted perfectly with the current situation.

According to Rhino Insider, Bennington said about the duet:

The chance to perform with these guys for such a great cause is something really special. Hopefully, people will embrace it in the way it was intended. The song really does fit the sentiment and something special happened when we pulled it together. Everyone felt as if they were doing something really important.”

Since the duet was pretty much about the vocals of two legendary singers, Vince Neil, and Chester Bennington, let’s see what the fans think about the harmony between the two as well as the unofficial winner of this on-stage performance.

The Audience Was Mesmerised After Seeing Neil And Bennington Together

According to countless fans in the comments section, this was a dream collaboration since both Vince Neil and Chester Bennington were at the top of their games during those times. Moreover, many fans stated that there’s no genre or song that Bennington couldn’t sing as they paid tribute to the late singer many years after his passing.

As it appears in the comments section, many fans primarily praised the Linkin Park singer’s performances. However, this doesn’t mean they found his vocals better than Mötley Crüe’s frontman since there was a majority of people who appreciated Neil’s voice just as much as they liked Bennington’s.

Ultimately, it was the audience and fans who won this duel since they get to see two legendary rock frontman sharing vocals during a performance for charity. Regardless of personal opinions, this was a great moment for rock and metal music since two ego-free musicians got together for a greater cause than their reputation which was all that mattered at the end of the day.

You can listen to ‘Home Sweet Home’ below.