The co-founder of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx has celebrated the 39th birthday of the band with a very special photo that he shared on Instagram.

He wrote a little message about that special day, but fans have really enjoyed that photo because of singer Vince Neil’s zebra-printed pants.

Here’s what Nikki wrote:

“January 17th, 1981 we officially formed.🤘🏽Happy Birthday, @motleycrue @mr.mickmars @thevinceneil @tommylee”

A fan named Bucket commented:

“Happy Anniversary gentlemen, today is my daughter’s birthday, what a historic date.”

Another fan named Snake said:

“Thanks for the picture! Crazy how it has been that long man! When I look at my personal family pictures like this I get emotional thinking that all the best times are gone. But they are not all gone!!! So many great times left !”

An Instagram user said:

“This band literally saved my life, I’m so happy I found Motley Crue “

Check out the photo below.