Mötley Crüe’s unofficial Instagram fan page exposed a rare and special photo of the band’s iconic frontman, Vince Neil.

As you will see the photo below, Vince looks more healthy and fit. In case the official page didn’t give specific detail, it looks like the photo was taken in the 80’s.

Here is the caption of that rare photo:

“Just finished doing my pumpkins for Halloween! 4 days to go. Eventho we don’t celebrate Halloween that much like in the US over here, it’s still one of my favourite days of the year. 🎃🦇
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A user named 1nvp1 wrote this:

“Halloween here in the US isn’t celebrated as much as we used to 😔😔.

People just go to parties with slutty animal costumes and beer and quickly brush Halloween off…”

Another user, cheri_berry1976 commented:

“I so regret not being able to see the Crue when my ex had tickets but my damn spine hurt so bad I couldn’t go. I’ll never get to see you :(. One of my fave bands too.”

You can see the photo below.