Dimebag Darrell, who lost his life in 2004, was one of the best in the world about writing to guitar riffs. His brother Vinnie Paul told a funny story about Dimebag that we had never heard before.

Speaking in an interview with Loudwire, ex-Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul said his brother even wrote the guitar riff on the toilet. He said:

“One of the things people don’t know about Dime, he had a guitar in his bathroom. I went in his bathroom one time and I was like, he’s got a guitar, he’s got his little tape recorder – what’s that doing in here? I said, ‘Dime, what’s the deal with guitar in the bathroom?’ He goes, ‘Man, that’s where I write all my riffs. That’s why my riffs are the shit!‘”

You can watch a video from below that we think might be related to this issue.