Late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul‘s girlfriend Chelsey Yeager shared a photo of herself and Vinnie on Instagram remembering the last happy days that they were able to spend together.

The drummer and co-founder of the heavy metal band Pantera, Vinnie Paul sadly passed away five days later of his last performance at a hotel in Las Vegas. Vinnie was found dead in his Las Vegas home on June 22, 2018. His death later revealed as caused by a heart condition, dilated cardiomyopathy.

Vinnie’s long-time girlfriend Chelsey Yeager has been missing him ever since and she has been frequently sharing her longing for Vinnie via her Instagram account. Chelsey has recently shared an Instagram story showing a picture of herself and Vinnie happily together after listening to Stone Temple Pilots in May 2018.

Check out the photo Vinnie Paul’s girlfriend Chelsey shared on her Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Chelsey Yeager – Instagram

Last March, Chelsey shared a picture of her late boyfriend Vinnie Paul and celebrated his birthday with a lovely caption:

“Happy Birthday Vince! We celebrate you not only today but every day!”

You can see the photo of Vinnie Paul below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Chealse Yeager – Instagram