Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent talked about the possibility of his reunion with the band back in the days during a recent appearance on Mike Brunn’s show.

Vinnie joined KISS in 1982 and terminated from the band after the Lick It Up Tour in 1984. Even though he parted ways with KISS, he contributed to their 1992’s Revenge album.

For the Revenge album, Vinnie credited for the three songs, Heart Of Chrome, Unholy, and I Just Wanna. According to Vinnie, he felt that the synergy has become together with the band once again back in those days.

Because of that, Vinnie thought that the reunion would have been really possible if they all wanted it. Unfortunately for Vinnie, the reunion didn’t happen and Vinnie pursues his own way.

Here is what Vinnie Vincent said:

“There was a moment where it could have easily happened where I would have been back in the band. This is my opinion. Don’t take it as someone else’s opinion.”

You can watch the full interview below.