American rock drummer Vinny Appice was recently interviewed by The Eddie Trunk Podcast of PlayerFm and talked about the days he spent with Heaven & Hell, Dio, and Black Sabbath as well as being the replacement of the original drummer Bill Ward.

As you may already follow the history of Sabbath that the original drummer Bill Ward suddenly disappeared right in front of the tour back in 1980, and after the band members could not reach out for him for a while, he was fired from the band. Despite he joined the band after the incident many times, he was replaced by Vinny Appice for all.

In his latest interview, Vinny stated that he was thinking that initially, he was going to be temporary, and the whole members of the band were expecting Bill to return these days. However, he played with the band for over 30 years and became one of the most famous drummers of all time.

Here is what Appice said:

“They said it was under the circumstances of, ‘Well, Bill returns, it’s Bill’s band…’ But I’m 20-21, this is a good opportunity here, so I said, ‘Fine… If Bill comes back, then I’ll go home.’

So we started and finished the ‘Heaven and Hell’ tour, and Bill wasn’t coming back. There was no word of it. And then finally we hit the UK, and we had to do a song for the movie ‘Heavy Metal.'”

He continued:

“So we had a couple of days off, went into John Lennon’s house, which was owned by Ringo, so we go in, and for some reason, I got John’s room, and I just felt weird about staying there because he just passed, and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know.’ So I took another room, so that’s where we wrote and recorded ‘The Mob Rules,’ the first take for the movie. It came out so good, like, Warner Brothers loved it, the band loved it – Tony, Geezer, Ronnie.

I knew that cemented me into the band more because now we recorded something. And Bill never played somebody else’s parts, he never had to, so if Bill did come back, they’re going to do that song and he’s gonna do my parts. So it was interesting, but I just felt a little more confident that I was in the band after we recorded that, so that’s what happened.”

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