Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell star Vinny Appice was the latest interview guest of ‘Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley’ this week and recalled his feelings after replacing the original drummer of the band, Bill Ward in 1980.

As you might already know, Bill Ward just disappeared during the tour of Black Sabbath and the band decided to fire Ward after all. Despite his return to the band several times, he was replaced by American rock drummer Vinny Appice, and the iconic drummer played with Sabbath for over 30 years.

In his latest interview, Vinny was asked if Black Sabbath hated him during that period and what was the feeling of being a ‘new guy’ after a legend like Bill Ward. According to Vinny, he took advantage of sitting back, and that way, he did not feel the hate of Sabbath fans.

Here is what he said:

“Not really, because you’re the drummer — you’re sitting in the back… Ronnie had to put up with people in the front, like ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ signs and all this ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ stuff, and he had to do that.

And he hated singing those songs — he hated singing ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Sweet Leaf’ and the Ozzy songs. That’s why eventually Heaven & Hell years later, so we didn’t play the old stuff anymore.”

You can watch the conversation below.

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