Former Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice talked about the first time he played with Sabbath during a recent appearance on Drum For The Song.

Vinny joined Black Sabbath in 1980 amid their tour to promote the Heaven And Hell album, and he replaced Bill Ward. However, Vinny didn’t join the recording sessions with the band.

In the conversation, Vinny was asked if the band members wanted him to sound just like Bill Ward during the show, and he revealed what really happened backstage during the first days.

While Vinny was saying that they wanted him to play the main parts of the songs, he also mentioned that he improvised for the rest of the songs to get comfortable with the tracks and how his bandmates ease him doing git.

Here is what Vinnie said in his latest interview:

“They realize I didn’t have a lot of time to learn this stuff, so they were fine with getting the main parts, and then playing as I played. I listened to it so much, but I tried to play like Bill and keep it dark and not so busy, and it worked. But it took time.

I just tried to point out the main parts in each song and then make sure I did those parts, and then the rest of the song I improvised until I got comfortable with the stuff. There wasn’t enough time to learn exactly, and then we started playing together and we started feeling how we gelled together too, so they got used to my playing and I got used to their playing, so it wasn’t a problem.”

You can watch the interview below.