Former Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice recently appeared on Waste Some Time with Jason Green Youtube channel and explained why he rejected to work with Ozzy Osbourne.

Vinny Appice joined Black Sabbath during the band’s tour to support the 1980 album, ‘Heaven and Hell.’ The original drummer of the band, Bill Ward had left due to his personal problems so he was quickly replaced by Appice. Later on, Vinny Appice also contributed to the Black Sabbath’s 1981 album, ‘Mob Rules,’ and 1982 live album, ‘Live Evil.’

In late 1982, Appice decided to leave the band with the vocalist Ronnie James Dio and the two formed the band, Dio. In 1992, Vinny Appice made a brief return to Black Sabbath for their 1992 album, ‘Dehumanizer,’ and also toured with them but he didn’t continue working with the band later on.

During a recent interview, Appice talked about Ozzy Osbourne’s offer to him to join his band before his tenure in Black Sabbath. The drummer stated that he was called by Sharon Osbourne and she said that they were looking for someone for a new band and he could meet Ozzy in England for that. However, Appice turned it down because he wasn’t sure about playing with Ozzy at the time due to his controversial reputation.

Apparently, Vinny also asked his brother Carmine Appice whether Ozzy was ‘nuts’ or not to which he replied by saying ‘yes.’ After Vinny turned down Ozzy’s offer, he got a call from Black Sabbath and accepted their offer. Thus, he thinks that him working with Sabbath was meant to be.

Vinny Appice speaking on why he turned down Ozzy Osbourne’s offer:

“I got a call from Sharon Osbourne. Sharon asked me if I want to go fly to England and meet Ozzy because they are going to put a band together and they heard about me. I don’t know where, I don’t know where she got the number either but she said Ozzy is in England. You go and hang out. If it works out, we will take it from there so I actually turned it down.

I have never been out of the country and I was like 19 years old, maybe going on 20. I’m like ‘I don’t know’ and then I heard Ozzy, it was crazy and I asked Carmine, ‘What about playing with Ozzy, is he nuts?’ Carmine goes ‘Oh, yeah’ so I was like ‘Whoa.’ I didn’t do it, and then a month later, I got a call from Sabbath and this was right in LA, it was easy so it was meant to be.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.