Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke in an interview with David Slavković from Ultimate Guitar. He has revealed the differences between Def Leppard and his other bands.

Interviewer asked:

“What would be the main differences between working with Last in Line and your other bands, like Def Leppard, when it comes to the creative process and your approach to playing?”

Vivian responded:

“Oh, it’s totally different. Def Leppard and Last in Line are two extremely different bands. Both in terms of performance and in terms of the creative process. In terms of the performance, Def Leppard is a very polished show, very high production value.

We don’t leave anything to chance in Def Lepard – we don’t jam, we’re not very spontaneous, we don’t deviate from the plan very much. If we want to change something in the Def Leppard show, we rehearse it and we finesse it.

So in Def Leppard you could say that all the t’s are crossed, all the i’s are dotted, everything is as it should be and everyone knows exactly what’s gonna happen. And that’s what works well for a band like Def Leppard.

Last in Line is entirely different. In Last in Line, we frequently ad lib when we’re on stage, we’ll do little musical diversions that are completely unrehearsed. [Laughs] And we have no production in the Last in Line show. But that’s only due to the fact that we have no money in the Last in Line budget. [Laughs]

If we had a bigger budget, I’d like some production at our shows. But we’re not at that stage yet, we’re still very much just playing clubs and whatnot. So it’s small theaters, we’re still growing the band.

It’s a very different thing. For me as a musician, the guitar parts in Def Leppard are very intricate and challenging. But the real true challenge for me in Def Leppard is as a singer. Our vocals are so intense in each and every song.

And the opposite is true with Last in Line. With Last in Line, I actually don’t want to sing. I just want to play guitar. And being the only guitar player in Last in Line means that I have to do all the heavy lifting. Whereas with Def Leppard, obviously, it’s myself and Phil Collins, so we get to split the guitar duties.

And to be honest, with Phil doing the majority of soloing in Def Leppard because we’re playing the majority of historic material that pre-dates my involvement with the band.

So with Last in Line, I’m definitely much more guitar-focused and much more about playing solos. And I don’t have a microphone. [Laughs]”

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