Speaking in an interview with Metalshop TV, Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen spoke about their U.S. tour with Metallica in 2017. He said:

“We had the opportunity to tour with METALLICA lots of times. We’ve been very spoiled when it comes to that. Last year was a crazy year — to America, going on tour with METALLICA again, but not just doing it again — doing it in the U.S.’ biggest stadiums with the biggest heavy rock band. [I’m] very proud of that, and I’m very thankful to METALLICA.

They’re good people; they’re very professional. There’s always a trick or two to learn. We do have the same management now in Q Prime, so it’s nice to work with a big team in America. There’s always stuff to learn. Even though VOLBEAT is about to get old, there are still things to learn from great, legendary guys like the guys in METALLICA.

I think they’re still an amazing live band. Lots of respect for keeping that energy and the hunger. You’ve got to take your hat off to that.”

He also spoke about upcoming album of Volbeat. He said:

“When we’re done with this festival run, we will go home. That’s time time when we put all the pieces together. I wrote tons of songs. I got half-songs; songs that’s already finished; I think I have lyrics for maybe five or six songs right now.

We have to go through a lot of material. There’s probably maybe five songs that we can already play right now. But as always, we write a lot of material, and we pick the best 13, 14 songs out of, I don’t know, 30 or 40 songs. There’s a lot of material that’s actually being trashed. Maybe some of it will be picked up later. When it comes to B-sides, I still think it has to be just as good quality as what you put on the main record. For us, why we make B-sides is if there’s a certain song which I don’t think fits into the whole perspective of the record, then we make it a B-side.

But we like making strong B-sides, and we do play our B-sides songs live. You just have to fit the record. It’s too early to say right now how it sounds. I can only promise you one thing — it sounds like VOLBEAT, and it should. We are not trying to be a new band for each record. We are VOLBEAT; we have a lot of signature. At the same time, we try to come up with stuff that we haven’t done before, but still, when you have [a] signature sound and a certain style, it’s also very recognizable.

People will immediately hear, ‘Okay, this is definitely VOLBEAT.’ But there will definitely be surprises, like always. I can’t wait to go into the studio, because I think we’ve got some really strong material and very interesting material. So far, I’m very proud of what we have. We’re going to enter the studio [in] late November, so there’s going to be a new record out next year.”

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