One of the beautiful and talented frontwomen of all time, Avril Lavigne, celebrated her 36th birthday during the self-quarantine and shared this moment by using her official Instagram account.

As you can see in the picture below, Avril and her friends were sitting on the grass and posing for the camera. They were all wearing masks and following the social distancing rules. In this way, they earned the respect of the community.

Furthermore, Avril was wearing a full of black outfit and made her black mask to suit her combine. Furthermore, you can see from her eyes that Avril was so happy to have these kinds of friends.

In the caption, Avril thanked everybody who celebrated this special day with the self-quarantine birthday party and mentioned how important people they are. Also, Avril revealed that she talked with her mother in Facetime and showed how she spent this day.

Here is what Avril Lavigne captioned:

“Thanks for the quarantine birthday party ladies! And for my MFP necklace! You all play such important roles in my life. ❤️

Included a screenshot of my mom on FaceTime this am. Mom, thank you – you birthed me on this day, this is our day! Love you 4- ever bitches.”

You can check out the post below.