The original singer of Pantera, Terry Glaze, spoke in a recent interview with Talk Toomey and talked about the early years of the legendary band while revealing the regret he has about those days.

As you might remember, Pantera was founded in 1981, and Terry was the lead vocalist of the band until 1986, which is the year he was replaced with Phil Anselmo. Before his departure, Terry took a part in the first three albums.

In the conversation, Terry revealed what they were doing off the stage. He admitted that they did terrible things in the name of fun like destroying the hotel rooms, and Terry said that he wouldn’t do some of them right now.

Interviewer asked:

“Were the Pantera antics, were they always there through the first three albums, as in them being goofy off stage?”

Terry Glaze responded:

“We destroyed a lot of hotel rooms, we did a lot of awful things, all in the name of fun. And back then, it was crazy.

I wouldn’t do some of that stuff now, but back then it just seemed the right thing to do.

You’re trying to emulate Van Halen and your rock star heroes, so you know… Same thing with music; you’re learning as you go.”

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