Ronnie James Dio‘s widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio recently opened up about the musician’s upcoming documentary. In addition to giving details about the biopic, Wendy stated that she cried while watching it for the first time.

In February 2020, BMG announced that a documentary on Ronnie James Dio was in production with the full authorization of his estate. It was revealed that the movie is directed by Don Argott and Damian Fenton and will include never-before-seen archival footage and photos.

In addition to the rare footage, the upcoming documentary was said to feature scenes with his closest peers, friends, and family. The project will stand as an ending to Dio’s incomplete autobiography, which he was trying to finish before his death.

Dio’s widow Wendy expressed how enthusiastic she was when the documentary was first announced and stated that it was a long-awaited project. Furthermore, she said that Dio loved his fans, and she felt excited to see his fans’ reaction to a focused look at the rocker’s life.

During a recent interview, Wendy gave further details about the forthcoming documentary about the late rock star. Apparently, the highly-anticipated biopic is set to be released later this year. Wendy said it will be very different from Dio’s autobiography because it also includes the later stages in his life.

Lucky for her, Wendy got the opportunity to watch the whole documentary with her publicist and somebody from BMG. After watching it for the first time, they all cried as the movie was too emotional considering that it also shows Ronnie James Dio’s last years.

In addition to this, the widow of the late Black Sabbath frontman said that the biopic will include Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford, Runaways lead guitarist Lita Ford, actor and musician Jack Black, and many more from the music world. All musicians will share their stories and memories featuring the late rocker, and thus, further his legacy.

About Dio’s biopic, Wendy stated:

“It’s coming out later this year. I recently saw the first cut of it. It was very emotional. It’s very different from Dio’s autobiography. ‘Cause the book finishes in 1986, with Ronnie playing Madison Square Garden. But the documentary goes all the way through his life till the end. And it was very emotional. I was watching it with my publicist and a person from BMG, who are funding the documentary. And we all cried. It was very emotional.

But it’s really interesting and really good. Rob Halford is great in it, talking about stories. Lita Ford and Jack Black are also in it. Eddie Trunk and Mick Wall both kind of narrated it and everything. I’m very pleased with it. I don’t know exactly when it’s gonna come out this year, but it’ll be out this year.”

You can check out the entire conversation below.